The Summer School "Symmetries, Fundamental Interactions and Cosmology 2011" took place  in the Abbey Frauenwörth from September 11th to 16th, 2011. It was organized by the Graduate School 'Symmetry Breaking in Fundamental Interactions' and the Research Center.

There were lectures and topical talks in the fields of Low Energy Particle Physics, High Energy/Collider Physics, Precision Experiments, Detector Development, and Mathematical Physics. Speakers included:    

  • Eric ADELBERGER (University of Washington, USA)   
  • Ikaros BIGI (University of  Notre Dame du Lac, USA)   
  • Marcela CARENA (Fermilab & University of Chicago, USA)   
  • Keith ELLIS (Fermilab, USA)   
  • Dirk KREIMER (Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany)   
  • Bill MARCIANO (Brookhaven & Yale, USA)   
  • Michael TURNER (University of Chicago, USA)
Annual Retreat

Annual Retreats offer students:

  • to discuss in an informal atmosphere
  • to present their research projects
  • to participate in lecture courses held by distinguished scientists from leading institutions

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GK and EMG Seminar
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