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Elementary Forces and Mathematical Foundations


The research center addresses the fundamental questions concerning the evolution of the Universe and the origin of matter.

For instance:

How was our universe born? What is it made of? What drives its evolution? What is the underlying structure of matter? How do complex structures emerge from elementary building blocks?

To answer these questions, members of the research center "Elementary Forces and Mathematical Foundations" conduct experiments involving particle accelerators, ion traps, and ultracold neutrons. Computer-based research methods are an important part of the theoretical research in the field.

News and Events

Retreat 2012 The next retreat will take place in Bad Kreuznach from Sept. 24 - 26, 2012.
Our next retreat will take place in Bad Kreuznach from September 24 - 26, 2012.It is jointly organized together with the Graduate School ("Symmetry Breaking in Fundamental Interactions").All fellows of EMG and the Graduate School Symmetry Breaking will take part.PIs and associated members may participate on a voluntary basis. The bi-annual retreat offers the opportunity to better get to know each other and discuss physics in an informal atmosphere. Students can present their research projects in short presentations followed by discussions. In addition, lectures by distinguished scientists from leading institutions will be given, covering fields of relevance to the Graduate School.  ... 
08.03.2012 From dark matter to school experiments: Physicists meet in Mainz
The German Physical Society (DPG) is approaching the spring conference of its professional associations "Hadrons and Nuclei" and "Didactics of Physics" – more than thousand participants are expected to visit the JGU campus (press release in German)  ... 
23.02.2012 Ernst Otten appointed senior fellow at the Helmholtz Alliance for Astroparticle Physics
Mainz experimental physicist awarded for his contributions in the field of neutrino physics (press release in German)  ... 
15.02.2012 "Always in search of Higgs"
"Mainz physicists seek to provide evidence of Higgs particles" (article in the "Frankfurter Rundschau", in German)  ... 
17.01.2012: New Collaborative Research Center 1044: The Low-Energy Frontier of the Standard Model – From Quarks and Gluons to Hadrons and Nuclei

DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center at the Institute of Nuclear Physics at Mainz University will examine the formation and composition of subatomic particles / Cooperation with the BES-III-Experiment in Beijing


13.12.2011: First indication of Higgs particles

Mainz particle physicists excited: 50 years after the initial forecast the Higgs boson is gradually taking concrete shape (press release in German)


06.12.2011: World Record for One-Loop Calculations

Physicists at Mainz University significantly improve the calculation method for scattering experiments in particle physics